Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Marvel Two-In-One # 11 (Marvel /1975)

Marvel Two-In-One #11 (Marvel Comics)

Roy Thomas & Bill Mantlo (w) Bob Brown (a)

I was reminded of this comic after reading Stan Lees latest blog post These are the top 8 Jewish Super heroes this evening as not only did it star the mighty Thing but also featured the Golem from Jewish folklore.

The Golem (no, not the deformed Hobbit) was a magically animated being of matter (tone or mud) who was both a force to save and to destroy.

Prague Golem: Michal Ma┼łas

During the seventies as the Comic Code Authority relaxed it's rules there was a big boom in horror comics. Amongst the ones produced by Marvel was a feature in Strange Tales # 174 to 177 simply called The Golem: The thing that walks like a man, published in 1974


The feature didn't last long but Golem did get to meet Ben Grimm (The Thing) in Marvel Two-In-One #11 a year later. Not a particularly memorable story but entertaining enough as Grimm and the Golem slug it out due to the manipulations of the inevitable demon seeking world domination.

The cover misleadingly shows the Golem speaking, which of course "he" never does. Silence is more Golem's style.


Oh and Happy Hanukkah!

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