Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Man From Atlantis Annual 1979

When I noticed a copy of this in my local comic shop I just had to pick it up as it's been years since I either saw or read about this programme from the seventies. The missus grabbed it from me as soon as I got it out the plastic covering because the main star was non other than Patrick Duffy of Dallas fame.

Dallas never meant much to me, never heard of it until JR got shot and it was all over the papers. But this programme starring Bobby Ewing, I mean Patrick Duffy was a Saturday early evening treat that I used to watch before going to work.

Complete nonsense of course, but aren't all the fun programmes.

Man From Atlantis lasted for just 13 episodes which surprised me as I thought it lasted longer but despite having "kids" appeal it did not attract enough of an "adult" audience to make it a viable TV programme.

However it did spawn on British Annual and a Marvel Comics series, though the latter lasted just 7 issues.


As for the Annual itself?

Disappointing I have to say. No comic strips and only text features with a few photos. I must say if I had found a copy in my Christmas stocking my initial excitement would have been short lived.

Better to track down the Marvel comics version, sadly my shop didn't have any but I'll look out for them.

Finally a reminder of the shows opening credits!

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