Friday, 17 October 2014

Doctor Who returns to comics!

[Cover Art Image]

Doctor Who: New adventures with the Twelfth Doctor 
(Titan Comics)

Robbie Morrison (w) Dave Taylor (a)

The Doctor has been in comics almost since the TV show began in the sixties. Mostly appearing in British comics, the licence once was used by Marvel Comics but since then his adventures have been limited to the pages of Doctor Who Magazine and in the USA, a couple of series published by IDW which were not available in the UK.

Every Doctor has had his adventures published in a comic book so the introduction of the latest incarnation with Peter Capaldi is only a surprise because the company publishing it is actually British.

This first issue takes the Doctor and Clara on a trip to go skiing, not on Earth, but an ice planet. The Doctor even warns her to watch out for "ice sharks". Well he would wouldn't he.

So dressed up for harsh weather they arrive on a... tropical world?

Something is up (as if the Doctor hadn't known already) and the whole planet has been terraformed so its not long before they get into trouble.

Add a foolish scientist, one of the universes richest men and a threat to the whole universe and you have part one of a story.

I don't usually collect Doctor Who comics but this one will be on my reading list.

For those of you who are fans of David Tennant and Matt Smith you may be interested to know there are companion titles already being published by Titan.

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