Friday, 10 October 2014

Parallel Man

Parallel Man (Future Dude)

Jeffery Morris (w) Christopher Jones (a)

On a parallel Earth the USA develops a way of travelling the multiverse instead of inventing the atom bomb. They defeat their enemies but leave their world virtually uninhabitable. The only way to survive is to plunder alternate Earths.

And we are next on the list.

The action opens with not just the kidnapping of President Obama but the whole Air force One Jumbo jet. Off we go to meet the leader of the Ascendancy in a Washington DC that lies in ruins.

We are not alone there is a resistance and they are amongst us, including a alternate Carl Sagan.

So the adventure begins across worlds ruined and backward including one entirely covered in Fungus that you would die in if you breathed the air. Did I mention dinosaurs, some of whom are a bit more evolved?

This will be a seven part mini series and frankly is quite obviously material for a blockbuster movie.

So good luck to Future Dude, the publishers of this recommended comic.

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