Saturday, 18 October 2014

Enter the Twilight Zone at your own risk!

The Twilight Zone: Lost Tales (Dynamite Entertainment)

Mark Rahner (w) Various (a)

The Twilight Zone was one of those iconic TV shows that people of my generation grew up with. A series of weird tales with twisted endings. Dynamite Entertainment have been publishing a regular title based on the TV show, of which this is a prestige format edition that I purchased on a whim. There's only so many titles that I have time to read or money to buy! 

There are three stories in this edition with good artwork and with the exception of the first story an enjoyable read. A victim of torture seeking revenge, moral dilemmas on a new planet for mankind and a device to see souls are the themes within.

This isn't the first time The Twilight Zone has been a comic. The now defunct Gold Key company ran a 92 issue series from 1962 until 1982.

Classic covers 

Meanwhile Dynamite continue the fine tradition which may be worth a try if you dare enter..The Twilight Zone yourself!

Written by the maestro Michael J Straczinsky himself!

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