Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Beezer

One of the titles that I remember reading in the sixties as I grew up was The Beezer, a comic that was for "boys and girls". Now this comic was BIG, in format being the size of a newspaper and a bit unwieldy to read but contained some great strips.

Colonel Blink                            Ginger

Most of the strips were the normal humorous types you would expect from Scottish publishers DC Thompson (who are still publishing The Beano and Commando comics to this day). Ginger was the cover feature and amongst those I recall with glee are The Numskulls, The Badd Lads and Colonel Blink the short sighted gink, the latter being a British version of Mr Magoo!

Published from January 1956 until 1990 when it merged with its large format sister title Topper. Regretfully the combined title only lasted another three years, though my favourite characters The Numskulls continue in The Beano to this day.

I've never read the merged title, but its not too difficult to pick up back issues of this wonderful comic. The ones from the mid to late sixties and early seventies are the ones I try to get. And then of course there are the Annuals.

Not forgetting Pop, Dick and Harry who used to appear on the back! 

If anyone from DC Thomson is reading this how about a Beezer (and Topper) tribute book along the lines of the ones you do for the Beano & Dandy. Just asking!

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