Thursday, 26 November 2015

Brave and the Bold #72 (DC/1967)

Brave and the Bold #72 (DC Comics)

Carmine Infantino (a) no credit (w)

One of my favourite titles back in the late sixties was DC's team-up book Brave and the Bold. Usually this was Batman plus another DC character. However there were a number of issues which paired up other DC heroes. This issue published in 1967 teamed up The Spectre and The Flash!

Now for younger readers the first problem for the writer was that The Spectre lived on Earth 2 and The (Barry Allen) Flash on Earth 1. So whilst planning a visit to Earth 2 to look up his "old buddy" The Spectre, Flash gets kidnapped by a ghostly World War 1 pilot and turned into the Astral Flash so that the Ghost Pilot (what else would you call him) can get revenge on his old squadron buddies who had declined to take up a challenge from some German pilots on the last day of the war in which he had been killed.

The battle between a mind controlled Flash and the Spectre begins.

Tame by today's standards but great fun to read and a reminder of simpler times.


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