Sunday, 15 November 2015

Misty (1978 to 1980)

Back in the sixties and seventies before the days of "political correctness" and "safe spaces" boys were boys and girls were, well you know the score. As a young lad I wouldn't have been caught dead reading soppy girls comics. Neither would any of my mates.

However for the publishers these titles were big business, many girls comics outsold the ones for boys and most women will have grown up reading Bunty, Sally or one of the many published back then.

Following the announcement by Rebellion (publishers of 2000AD) that they have purchased the rights to Misty, I decided to have a look since on fan pages this comic does get of a lot of raves especially..from the lads!

Misty is essentially a horror comic with great writing and art. The stories were a mix of continuing features and complete short stories.

The copies I picked up were from towards the end of the 101 issue run and featured the first two parts of The Body Snatchers which was set in a girls boarding school were the teachers seem to be changing personalities and had been told to sat away from the old mansion.

But our heroine makes the mistake of taking her suspicions to the headmistress...will she be the next victim.

One short story featured the Girl Who Knew Fairies but no one believed. Too old to believe in fairies right? Then why go down to the woods at night.....

So OK, this was a comic I should have picked up, at least when my girlfriend was out!

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