Sunday, 1 November 2015

Eagle Picture Library (1985)

Pocket picture libraries were all the rage amongst comic readers from the sixties to the eighties. Most of these were war stories with original material designed especially for the format. The idea was to literally stick these in your blazer pocket and take them with you. Of course by the eighties I had started work and didn't wear school uniform anymore but these mini comics were still a good read.

After Eagle merged with Tiger, the publishers tried to capitalise on the brand by launching the Eagle Picture Library. These were different to the majority of  it's "rivals" as these were reprints of previously published stories and were not designed for the format.

The first issue saw an adventure with Sabu (a Tarzan clone) The Talisman of Doom fighting evil hunters in their search for the lost city of Taal. Highly readable and enjoyable as we see the villains get their comeuppance (with a little help from the animal kingdom) and Sabu makes a new friend.


The second issue featuring Murder in Space sees Jet Ace Logan confront a murder on board his spaceship and meets a bunch of previously unknown aliens who were the real culprits. Now herein lies the problem for older readers. I found the typeface far too small for ageing eyes in this particular book and so am not enamoured to collect more.

However if your eyesight  can cope the variety of material printed in this short-lived title (there were just 14 issues over seven months) may appeal. Amongst the issues is an adventure with Janus Stark from the new look Smash!.

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