Saturday, 28 November 2015

Eagle and Tiger Christmas 1985

Over the past few weeks I have been collecting and reading a fair (albeit incomplete) run of Eagle and Tiger comics from 1985 and finally reached the Christmas issue.

The previous issue (see below) sees Doomlord, the near omnipotent alien sitting around the Christmas tree with his landlady when his obnoxious son walks out and goes to his school where a fire is strted and lives put at risk.

Christmas day is only saved by Doomlord himself helping rescue a fireman and the school janitor. He thinks humanity has potential but his boy Nox seems to have other ideas. A confrontation is being set for the future.

Meanwhile the Mekon escapes as Dan Dare frees the people of Venus from his clutches  but earth remains trapped in a bubble which effects the penetration of sunlight but also oddly "traps poisonous fumes". Not sure about the scientific basis behind that at all, but this is comics after all.

The other stories continue with Shadow the escaped police dog helping to foil his new owners enemies from sabotaging their horse in a race and Max the super-computer has not only returned to his original home in Maxwell Tower but is up to his usual tricks.

Great stuff from a time when British comics were still widely available.


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