Monday, 30 November 2015

Ministry of Space (Image/2001)

Ministry of Space #1-3 (Image Comics)

Warren Ellis (w) Chris Weston (a)

A truly British comic about a space age that might have been by one of may favourite comic writers Warren Ellis. Combine that with fabulous art by Chris Weston and you have a great comic in your hands.

With a vague "Dan Dare" familiarity this dark story takes the reader through the growth of the British race into space with the assistance of captured Nazi rocket scientists. The Brits bomb Peenamunde after making off with their prize to prevent any information making it into either American or Soviet hands.

And so with Churchill's approval the Ministry of Space is set up.

ministry of space ellis weston 02

Trouble is Sir John Dashwood, the Ministry's founder has a secret. One which could wreck the British Empire and the Americans threaten to expose it if the British bloc their first space mission in the sixties when the Moon is colonised by the Empire and Mars is next on the list.

Just where did the money come from? You will be shocked.

And the final scene in the last issue is an unpleasant reminder of an age long gone.

Long out of print and with quite a small(ish) print run this may not be easy to track down, though there is a collected edition which you may find in your local comic shop.


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