Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Eagle and Battle (1988)

By the late eighties the days of the weekly boys anthology adventure comic were reaching an end. The Eagle continued to be published and early in the year merged with Battle, the famous and sometimes controversial war comic launched in the previous decade.

As a result Eagle (relaunched in 1982) became the only comic to end up "merging with itself".

The Original Eagle had merged with the Lion in 1969, which then merged with Valiant in 1974 whilst Valiant ended up merging with Battle in 1976.


The new look Eagle contained no less than 9 weekly features including Doomlord, Dan Dare and Computer Warrior continued from itself and added three strips which had been in Battle, Stormforce, Johnny Red and Charley's War from Battle.

Other features included Detective Zed about a detective robot which wouldn't have been out of place in 2000AD, Ghost Squad, which was well..a bit weird and Survival, a story about the children who remained following a plague that wiped most of mankind out.

An advert in this issue highlights two other titles in IPC's stable Roy of the Rovers the long running football comic and Mask.

Eagle was to merge with Mask later in the year.

A strong title that still had a few years (and one more merger) ahead.


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