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The Legend of Wonder Woman #1 (DC)

The Legend of Wonder Woman #1 (DC)

Renae De Liz (w) & (a)

Wonder Woman is the most iconic female superhero created in the 1940's by William Moulton Marston and debuted in All-Star Comics #8 (December 81), though not considered important enough at the time to appear on the cover. Wonder Woman soon became popular enough to appear in a solo strip in Sensation Comics (January 1942).


The Amazon Princess also got her own comic simply titled Wonder Woman in the summer of 1942 which was to be continuously published until #329 when the now defined as the "Earth Two" Wonder Woman she went to Olympus with Steve Trevor after the events in Crisis on Infinite Earths.


This major event (the first of it's kind) paved the way for a major relaunch of DC Comics including an updated and more modern version under the helm of George Perez, one of comics great artists. This was to last a further 228 issues from 1987 until 2006.


Currently Wonder Woman appears in two titles, a solo comic and a "team-up" book with Superman. The latter containing a major revision of DC continuity as she dates Superman/Clark Kent. Lois Lane is not on the scene yet so to speak in the latest relaunch of DC comics.

Note the new costume.


Now DC brings us the full story of Princess Diana, the Wonder Woman in this 9 issue mini-series.

Beginning  with the necessary Greek Mythology to set the scene the brooding Queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta is finally given a daughter born of clay by the King of the Gods himself, the almighty Zeus.

This is her story.

This issue covers the young Diana's growing inquisitiveness and her early desire even as a child to become a warrior. She has insights (shared only by her future mentor Alcippe) that something is wrong on the island of Themyscria and goes in search of answers only to find impending danger...

Highly recommended and available in your local comic shop now!

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  1. Timely I guess, as WW is to hit the "big screen" soon.