Sunday, 10 January 2016

Look-In Annual 1981

After picking up some copies of Look-In from the seventies, I decided to move on to the eighties with this Annual which despite it's "cover date" (that does not actually appear on the cover) was published in 1980.

Like the magazine it's full of memories from what is now quite a long time ago.

The cover features Buck Rodgers along with his gorgeous companion (Colonel) Wilma and Twiki, the cute little robot added for the kids along with Worzel Gummidge (played by the late Jon Pertwee), Cliff Richard and Metal Mickey.

Oh and for sports fans (not me I hasten to add) Bjorn Borg, a tennis player.

There's only one comic strip in this volume, Black Beauty but plenty of features to bring back memories of TV and the periods pop stars at the beginning of the 1980's.

Pin-ups of The Police, a history of Cliff Richard sit alongside text stories of Sapphire & Steel and our home grown robot Metal Mickey. Bet you forgot Irene Handle played granny!


Look-In Annuals were published between 1972 and 1990. I chose the cover from 1976  (above) as it featured Ed "Stewpot" Stewart who sadly passed away yesterday.

So as a of tribute here's the kind of song Ed would have played on his radio show for us kids.

Hit it Mickey!

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  1. Ah memories...those were the days, looking back does all look a little "lame", but at the time was what there was. Can't believe it 35years ago already!