Saturday, 9 January 2016

Look-In #31 (1973)

The older I get the more nostalgic I seem to feel and collecting old British comics certainly brings back memories. I came across a Facebook group the other day which was devoted to Look-In Magazine, the "Junior TV Times". I confess to having never read it..until now.

Devoted to ITV children's programmes, pop stars and "family" programming Look-In certainly brings back memories.

Launched in 1971 Look-In certainly had an appeal. The earliest copy I was able to get was dated 28th July 1973 and numbered issue 31. Each year the magazine relaunched with a new number one so keep an eye on the dates when collecting.

Pleasingly this issue contains the launch of The Tomorrow People as a comic strip for the first time, one of the ITV programmes that certainly caught many a child's imagination when launched. It had a great theme tune too!

Other features included On The Buses, Les Dawson's Superflop, The Fenn Street Gang (from Please Sir) and erm...The Adventures of David Cassidy, presumably for your sister. Rounded off with features about TV programmes, the usual competitions and pin-ups.


This is a collectible magazine even if you are not a comic enthusiast. Full of memories from the seventies to the nineties when it finally ceased publication.

It even spawned a rival from DC Thompson (publishers of the Beano and Victor which was very short-lived called Tops, then TV Tops which ran from October 1981 to January 1983 when it was merged with girls comic Suzy.


I'd never heard of either of these titles until I started looking into the history of Look-In. However like most things the original is always the best. Look-In goes on to feature some of those other great shows we all enjoyed back in the seventies.


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