Saturday, 16 January 2016

The Bionic Woman #1 (Charlton 1977)

The Bionic Woman #1 (Charlton Comics)

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One of the crushes we all developed back in the seventies was for the gorgeous Lindsay Wagner when she appeared on the short-lived TV series The Bionic Woman between 1976 and 1978. A direct spin-off from the similar (and longer lasting) Six Million Dollar Man this ranked with Wonder Woman and The Avengers in putting women at the heart of the action.

In the UK we saw a series of strips appear in ITV's Look-In Magazine/comic. In the USA a short-lived series appeared from the oddball publishers Charlton Comics, cover dated October 1977.

The first issue contains two stories plus a text feature outlining the characters origins alongside the Six Million Dollar Man. The art and plots are fairly standard to the period in which they were published and production values were not too bad given this was err..Charlton who always did everything on the cheap.

The first feature Rico Come Home sees Jamie Sommers off duty and in the role of teacher getting involved in and solving a family dispute. Entertaining enough but not exactly exiting fare. This was followed by Weaker Sex where Oscar attempts to remote control her powers which causes more than a wee bit of a problem when a plane is hi-jacked.

Unsurprisingly this title didn't last very long, just 5 issues.

Ones enough for me and even in fine condition not expensive if you want to pick up a copy.


Frankly TV shows are not always suited to comics. This was one of them. However here's the opening credits from the show itself to bring you a little nostalgia.


  1. Those were the days. Heard that a Bionic Man movie is on the cards at the perhaps we'll yet get to see another Bionic Woman?

  2. Actually there was another Bionic Woman not that long ago starring Michelle Ryan from Eastenders. I liked it but was not a hit sadly