Monday, 26 September 2016

Creepy #4 (Warren/1965)

For thirty years Warren publishing produced a number of adult orientated horror/science fiction fantasy magazines. The first an arguably the most famous was Creepy which lasted from 1965 to 1885 when Warren finally gave up on the comics business.

This is the earliest edition I have managed to obtain and proved a solid read with no less than seven stories:

Loathsome Lore sees a grave digger flee his relentless pursuers only to end up in the hands of a madman seeking to create an immortality serum taken from his various prisoners. A hunchback takes our fugitive to the dungeons where he meets a vampire, werewolf and others. However as the monsters make their inevitable escape Dr Habeas meets his fate...

Blood and Orchids provides a twist on the tales of vampires that will make gardeners cringe.

That Damned Thing tells the tale of a man accused who claims there is a monster made of a colour that is beyond the range of the human eye, while Moon City introduces us to ravenous dogs on a colony in the moon.

Curse of the Full Moon is a tale of werewolves that contains nothing new but the Trial of Adam Link may bring a tear to your eye as an artificial man is sentenced to death by an uncaring mankind.

Collect these if you dare!


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