Sunday, 4 September 2016

Marvel Preview #11 (Marvel Magazine/1977)

With the recent Guardians of the Galaxy film a lot of new readers/fans may not be aware of Star-Lords original incarnation as imagined by Chris Claremont nd John Byrne. Peter Quill's early appearances in Marvel Preview have started attracting premium prices, though some lower grades are available and so I picked up Sta-Lords second outing.

Having read a few early issues of Marvel UK's Star Wars Weekly, the opening pages were familiar as this strip was reprinted in it's pages. Great Story and art from one of the top creative teams of the seventies and eighties.

In this story we see Star-Lord attack a slavers ship which has just devastated a peaceful world of refugees who had escaped the clutches of the Galactic Empire. In freeing the slaves, Peter Quill adopts two companions for the rest of this adventure. Kip and the pickpocket Sandy (who also end up falling in love) join him to seek vengeance on the man responsible for their predicament.

Trouble is Star-Lord ends up with two sets of enemies instead of one.

The origin of Star-Lord is completed (with back story for anyone who missed the first issue) and we discover who the father of Peter Quill actually is. It's.. no spoiler I'm afraid but makes for a good story since we know he's not entirely human.

Star-Lord had a total of five outings in Marvel Preview and got a colour tryout too. Neither were commercial successes more's the pity. I rather liked the character and in particular in this format.



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