Thursday, 15 September 2016

Rampage #1 (Marvel UK/1977)

One of Marvel UK's shorter lived titles in the late seventies was Rampage, a comic that featured "a complete adventure of the Defenders in each issue". A great idea but one that wouldn't have lasted that long due to the simple fact Rampage was weekly and the US version was monthly so it would have run out of stories in a comparatively short time.

The first issue is a reprint of Marvel Feature #3 (June 1972) and features a story called A Titan Walks amongst us which casts Xemnu a creature who first appeared in Journey into Mystery as would you beleive it The Hulk before the creation of the Marvel Universe as we know it. There's a flashback explaining the creatures attempt to take over the Earth, This time he's back courtesy of a US space mission and he's after the children.

This was the Defenders third appearance in Marvel Feature before they went on to get their own comic.


The co-feature was Nova, a young man who gets given the power of a Nova Centurion in a manner reminiscent of DC's Green Lantern and later on becomes part of the (cough) Nova Corps. Again...

Nevertheless Nova is quite a good series and though I have no idea what happened to Richard Rider as I don't read much modern Marvel, I am aware that there is still a character called Nova who is now a member of the Avengers.

Rampage then begins reprinting Defenders from #1 for 34 weekly editions.


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