Saturday, 24 September 2016

Superman #209 (DC/1968)

Superman #209 (DC)

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The latest issue of Action Comics (#963) starts the storyline Superman meets Clark Kent. Impossible you say? In the current DC Universe Superman has died after his secret identity was exposed in a villainous plot by Vandal Savage the immortal villain always seeking world domination. However there is a twist.

Following the rebooting of DC's fictional universe in Flashpoint (wrongly blamed on the Flash it would seem), the Superman, Lois Lane and their son Jon have all survived their previous worlds decease and are alive and well. The original Superman is now out in the world getting to know his friends and enemies all over once again.

Amongst the mysteries now being explored is the existence of a "Clark Kent" who seems the "real deal" but is not Superman. How is this possible. Well you'll have to follow the current storyline in Action comics to find out like the rest of us!

However this is not the first time Superman and Clark Kent have appeared as separate beings. One of these stories appears back in the late sixties in a story entitled The Clark Kent Monster. Following an incursion by an alien hell bent on Earth's conquest Clark Kent suddenly appears out of nowhere and develops superpowers. This being the silver age it wasn't too difficult to guess that this "Clark Kent" is actually the alien who has managed to steal the molecules that make up Clark Kent. (Don't ask this is the world of comics after all...).

However the world is saved by the one thing that makes up even the stolen identity of Clark. His love for Lois. Superman wins the day again.

Great stuff.


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  1. hope DC have something awesome planned for #1000...not that far off now!