Monday, 5 September 2016

Jerry Lewis #100 (DC/1967)

One of DC's long running comics was based on the adventures of Jerry Lewis. Originally featuring his long time partner on TV, Dean Martin from 1952 for 40 issues until 1957 when the title became simply The Adventures Jerry Lewis after their partnership broke up. The comic then ran for a further 84 editions until 1972 ending with #124,

Not a comic I ever purchased as a kid in the UK, though I remember the adverts in the other DC titles but when I came across #100 it was time to have a copy, just the one in my collection. A zany plot with Jerry making a mess of everything he touches there's not much else to say. Just a bit of fun from simpler times.

I was a fan of his films who I saw as a sort of "American Norman Wisdom".

Here's some of the covers from the series.



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