Monday, 12 September 2016

Epic #6 (Marvel Magazine/1981)

Marvel continued it's experiments with adult orientated magazines by launching Epic in 1981. This time their target audience were those who read Heavy Metal magazine, a long running colour fantasy comic that still gets published today. In fact Grant Morrison is currently guest editor so I've ordered the next available issue from Previews to see what he makes of this title.

Epic was certainly produced to high standards though the highlight and almost sole reason I purchased this magazine was for Jim Starlin's Metamorphosis Odyssey a fantastic tale that lead to the destruction of our galaxy and introduced Dreadstar to comicdom.

As for the rest it was always a mixed bag as is the way of of anthology titles but Marcel certainly did make an effort though I gave up on it at the time long before the magazine folded.

Epic featured quite a mix of stuff and #6 is very specifically a "science fiction" special which is why I chose to pick this up for old time sake. This particular issue contains an adaption of Harlan Ellison's The Hutch which is a mixture of prose and art.

Metamorphosis Odyssey has been reprinted several times, the last being from Dynamite though I have the four black & white volumes produced by SLG, the latter three continuing the adventures of Dreadstar after the genocide. Worth picking up in any format!


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