Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Detective Comics #483 (DC/1979)

Detective Comics #483 (DC)

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DC comics celebrated the fortieth anniversary of Detective Comics in May 1979 with this special issue which was then being published in the "dollar comic" format. Batman had first appeared in Detective #27 in May 1939. Created by Bob Kane, Batman along with Superman and Wonder Woman became one of the three most iconic superheroes of all time.

This issue had a special story in which Batman returns to Crime Alley where he was "born" and a struggle begins with the mysterious Mr Zeus...to be continued.

There are five other features in this issue including the Human Target, the weakest link in my opinion as I was never a fan of the character, but Batgirl and Robins features pick up the pace somewhat and there is a second Batman story at the end which involves ...kangaroos.

That makes five.

There is one more feature which in my mind is the pick of the crop. Steve Ditko takes on Jack Kirby's creation The Demon in a wonderful old style story Return to Castle Branek. Worth buying for this alone!

These are worth collecting but can be a bit more pricey than the average back issue from the period.

However with Detective Comics now being published fortnightly it won't be too long before the monumental issue 1,000!


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  2. #1000...quite a milestone! plus Action Comics will reach it soon. Also got me thinking which Marvel comics title would ever have a chance of reaching #1000?