Sunday, 5 February 2017

Eagle Summer Special 1985

The second volume of the Eagle ran for 505 issues between 1982 and 1994 until it followed the majority of traditional British comics into cancelation. The series is of course famous for several strips including Dan Dare (the grandson of the original) and saw in later years the return of the original.

Of course there was also Doomlord and Bloodfang.

All these stories appear in this summer special published in 1985.

Doomlord heads off to outer space to stop two ex-NASA scientists burning the Earth and succeeds of course but the villains meet their fate in the vacuum. No arrests warranted here. Just left to their deaths. Justice "alien style".

Dan Dare goes to the planet Nirvanus which despite appearing to be a virtual paradise contains a deadly and murderous secret. The colonists are suddenly attacked by a colossus of alien origin. It's one of four criminals sentenced to  500 years suspended animation by the long dead civilisation that once flourished here.

Only the children can save them. How is this possible.....

Bloodfang has to fight for his leadership of the pack in a prehistoric story before man.


Other stories include One Eye Jack, the New York detective and the News Team.

The special also includes as usual factual and educational stories which were traditional in the original Eagle and continued in this second volume.

I was interested to read about the Battle of Matapan in which the British navy trashed the Italians. For those of you not familiar with the story here's a newsreel from the period.

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  1. looking back, i think we here in the UK were quite lucky as children to have so much reading material published? can't imagine anywhere else having so many "comics" for children