Saturday, 4 February 2017

TV Action & Countdown #59 (1972)

Originally launched as Countdown in 1971, this comic changed it's name to Countdown and TV Action for a few issued until reversing the title with #59 as TV Action & Countdown with this edition in 1972.


According to the editorial:

When Countdown began over a year ago I'd hoped for a continuing stream of space orientated TV programmes. Unfortunately for all the film producers have cooled on the subject and no new series are on the horizon. Even the master of them all Gerry Anderson has deserted this scene in favour of more Earth-bound adventures. He is, at present engaged in making his all-action series The Protectors which will star, The Man from Uncle himself Robert Vaughn

To keep up to date with these trends we at Countdown have followed suit. From now on ACTION is our motto - and TV Action is our target. With the inclusion of HAWAII FIVE-O and TIGHTROPE, I'm certain that no other paper can offer such an impressive list of TV ACTION.

There's a good selection of stories for all in this comic regardless of any changes. Dr Who being the main attraction with excellent artwork and storyline based on the incarnation of the good Doctor as played by Jon Pertwee. In this issue the Daleks have seemingly turned him into one of their own and are off in the TARDIS for conquest. But all not is as it seems....

Other features do include Tightrope which for the life of me I do not remember but Hawaii Five-O and The Persuaders were favourites that I would watch when not at school.

Other features included Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds, Stingray and UFO. The former two being reprints from TV21. The origin of the UFO strip is not known and would welcome comments from readers..

Great comic that brings back youthful memories.


  1. An earlier issue of this was given away with DWM this month.

    1. Forgot about that and didn't pick up a copy. Never mind!