Thursday, 2 February 2017

Vampirella #0 (Dynamite)

Vampirella #0 (Dynamite)

Paul Cornell (w) Jimmy Broxton (w)

The search is on through the snow and the mists of time to find a tomb where for a thousand years where a woman sleeps/

Vampirella returns at last in a new series from the current licence holder Dynamite Entertainment with a vengeance. This special priced introductory issue introduces Vampy to the future and it looks like the world needs her.

Trouble is she is hungry.....very hungry after such a long sleep.


  1. when did comics start issuing #0s?! i suppose it meant to be seen as "previews"? but readers/collectors/buyers know it another ploy for increasing sales. start a #1 and be done with it i say. publishers already push those out with variants as it is

    1. As far as I recall these "0" issues started in the Nineties. Very few publishers do them these days but as a Dynamite does these as very cheap introductory comics for 25 cents with an new story they do attract new readers. The Red Sonja #0 sold well but was excluded from the Diamond charts as their policy is to not list comic that cost less than a dollar. I don't bother with variants and just get whichever cover ends up in my pull list at 30th Century Comics each week. My view is that it would be better to try out another comic rather than have two of the same just for a different cover.

      But these "0" issues are fine by me.