Friday, 7 July 2017

2000AD Prog 167 (1980)

Back in the eighties I had virtually given up on British comics more the pity to concentrate on collecting DC & Marvel who were not only booming but readily available in local newsagents. I had tried the Eagle (mainly because of Dan Dare) but had been thoroughly put off by the photo-stories which may well have been popular in girls comics but were certainly not for the boys as the publishers eventually realised.

Meanwhile a cult comic was growing in popularity; 2000AD, home of a very popular new character Judge Dredd. Now I didn't buy this at the time and usually ended up reading my mate Peters copy every week. Even then I usually only read Judge Dredd for some reason most of the other features didn't appeal.

However times and tastes change so today I'm catching up with what I missed including The VC's, Rogue Trooper and yes even Robo Hunter. However there are still a couple of strips of which I'm still not a fan. The ABC Warriors and Nemesis do not appeal.

This issue is significant because it contains the first appearance of Nemesis the Warlock though you don't get to actually see him since he spends the entire episode inside this "vehicle" of sorts. Actually the opening story isn't bad at all but having skipped over later stories my own prejudices remain.

This issue also has episodes of The Stainless Steel Rat and The Mind of Wolfie Smith. Both classics, the latter being a survivor of Tornado which was one of two comics absorbed by 2000AD.

As a "key issue" this costs a little more than the average prog but definitely one for the collection!


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