Sunday, 23 July 2017

Arak: Son of Thunder #1 (DC/1981)

Arak: Son of Thunder #1 (DC)

Roy Thomas (w) Ernie Colon (a)

I hadn't read this comic since it first came out back in the early eighties so couldn't resists picking a copy of the first issue when I saw it on display in my local comic shop. This was an unusual title featuring a Red Indian" in Eighth Century Europe with lots of sword and sorcery. How so you may well ask.

This issue contains the origin of Arak (not his "real name") when a Viking longship comes across a young red-skinned boy nearly dead in a sinking canoe in the ocean after having sailed to far to the west as the result of a storm. Adopted by his rescuers young Arak as they name him grows to join their plundering crew.

However destiny has other plans for Arak as he joins the service of the witch  Angelica and uses a Christian icon to slay her serpent.

The adventure is afoot as Arak, more humane and noble than his fellows decides upon a journey to seek answers at the court of Carolus Magnus, King of the Franks.

This series lasted 50 issues and was a brave attempt by DC to create a character to compete with Conan and other barbarian adventurers of the era. I like this one.


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