Saturday, 15 July 2017

Nightmare Suspense Picture Library #1 (1966)

Pocket picture libraries were all the rage when I was a kid but most of these were war adventures with some westerns for the boys and of course the girls had their own which I never read, obviously! However there were one or two of other types available but this horror series is entirely new to me.

Nightmare Suspense Picture Library is a horror series and I just had to pick up the first issue when I saw it on sale in my local comic shop. The feature, The March of the Boneless Ones is set in rural Derbyshire sees cannibalistic fleshy things emerge from caves and start eating people and animals threatening to engulf the whole of the UK if they are not stopped.

The army fails to halt the monster advance with either flame-throwers or artillery. Time is running out.....

As far as I can find out this comic lasted 16 issues in 1966/67.

Worth picking up if you find a copy.

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