Sunday, 16 July 2017

Star Lord #1 (1978)

Launched in 1978, Star Lord was a companion title to 2000AD but printed on better quality paper! The first issue saw the introduction of a character who was to far outlive the comic itself, a certain Johnny Alpha, The Strontium Dog.

There were a number of very strong strips in the first issue, Planet of the Damned set inside the Bermuda Triangle with all sorts of weirdness going on. Timequake comes up next where a simple act of smuggling an assassin into Israel sets off World War Three and changes the future. Those responsible? An alien race called the Droon. Who can stop them? None other than Brooker the smuggler himself.

Then there's Ro-Busters a favourite for many readers but not me I'm afraid.

The second issue saw the start of Mind Wars a cracking piece of science-fiction about two siblings given extraordinary powers by an alien race determined to defeat mankind.

Strangely and sadly Star Lord lasted a mere 22 issues before it was swallowed up by 2000AD, a decision taken despite Star Lord selling more than the main prog itself. The cost of production appears to be the main driver for this decision.

There are also three annuals and one summer special.

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  1. I think “Star- Lord” was the last UK weekly I picked up (not every issues though) having all but stopped reading UK originated comics regularly around 1977 (picking up the very occasional issue only after that ). I was surprised it didn’t last longer than it did as I recall it was printed on nicer paper, had some great art, great stories and characters - Yeah I wasn’t a big fan of Ro-Busters either