Sunday, 30 July 2017

Creepy #1 (Warren/1964)

Following the introduction of the comics code horror and mystery comics had toned down somewhat, along came James Warren with Creepy, a magazine sized and more expensive comic aimed at adults for the "top shelf" and not for kids.

Problem solved.

Creepy began a whole genre of black & white comics including it's own sister titles Eerie and the more famous Vampirella.


There were no less than seven complete uncensored stories in this first quarterly edition beginning with Voodoo! which gives men a lesson on why they shouldn't neglect their wives.....

This is followed by a rather generic science-fiction tale H2O about destroyed civilisations and hidden mutations but Vampires Fly at Dusk makes the heart flutter with a twist to the tale of a vampire that I didn't see coming.

Werewolf is a standard tale of greed and getting what you deserve whilst Bewitched sends a shiver down the hairs of your neck. The moral being: Just don't mess with them witches!

A cracking tale of corruption in the comics industry comes up next when a fraud gets his horrific comeuppance in The Success Story!

The magazine ends with the twisted tale Pursuit of the Vampire.

Up until now I would make some kind of comment about the fact they don't make stuff like this anymore but they do! The Creeps magazine is now out in the Warren tradition, see the post below!

Oh and grab some Creepy's for your night time reading!

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