Saturday, 22 July 2017

Monsters Unleashed #10 (Marvel Magazine/1975)

This was the penultimate issue of of the short lived Monsters Unleashed title though readers at the time would not have known that this line of magazines was under threat. Marv Wolfman in his editorial boasted that the Marvel black & white magazine line had expanded to no less than 15 titles. Quite a lot. Most were about to go down starting with Haunt of Horror which had just published it's fifth and final issue.

This is an average issue containing nothing particularly special though both the Frankenstein's Monster  and Tigra stories were a solid read. The third story about a Japanese fisherman and his love for a mermaid was nothing new.

However Frankenstein meets a woman who doesn't treat him as a monster and she enlists his aid to save the President from assassination. A sad ending is involved so have yer hanky ready.

A woman and a vampiric rat with a symbiotic relationship confront Tigra who just happens to be in the neighbourhood when strange disappearances and murders start taking place. Tigra is a sort of a werecat for newbies to the scene. Always had more potential than she got. Joined the Avengers for a while I believe.

Other appearances of Tigra & Frankenstein in colour.

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