Tuesday, 31 March 2020

All Star Comics #74 (DC/1978)

All Star Comics #74 (DC)

Paul Levitz (w) Joe Staton & Joe Giella (a)

This despite all the blurb on the cover was actually the last issue of All Star Comics as the "DC Explosion" suddenly became the DC Implosion. At the time this was a comic on my regular reading list in fact I only had and still only have one other edition that of the first revived issue #58. I wasn't then and am not now particularly a fan of the Justice society even though I did like the All Star Squadron that was yet to come when this was published.

I suppose the news that the Justice Society of America is to be revived triggered my interest in this issue given I was buying a pile for the lock-down. It's a pretty average story set on Earth 2 which was destroyed in Crisis but got better then was destroyed by Darkseid if I recall correctly. Multi-dimensional continuity can be be confusing at times in the DC Universe. Part of the fun I suppose.

The "Master Summoner" gets the JSA to undertake a mission to save the earth which was a wee bit misleading as he happens to be the villain of the story and is the one planning our destruction. Of course the JSA prevail. they always do.

One for completists and fans of the JSA. For me a story easily forgotten sadly.

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