Sunday, 1 March 2020

Power Records, Spiderman: The Bells of Doom

Every so often an item comes along a little out of the ordinary. One of these was the arrival of one of those vinyl adventure stories issued by Power Records back in the seventies. I'd seen a couple in the past but didn't have a record player at the time so gave them a miss.

However when one came on sale at my local store I decided to buy it for fun. I am a fan of audio adventures and collect the Big Finish range of Doctor Who CD's which I review from time to time on my other blog (see side bar).  This copy was even still sealed and never played so was in mint condition.

The story is straightforward enough and the acting a little corny but it's eight minutes of harmless fun which just by chance you can here courtesy of You Tube. So no spoilers just click play and sit back!

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