Saturday, 23 July 2016

Betty & Veronica #1 (Archie Comics) plus a Riverdale TV series

LOOK: "Betty & Veronica" #1 Gets 25 Astounding Covers from Archie Comics

Betty & Veronica #1 (Archie Comics)

Adam Hughes (w) & (a)

The relaunch of the Archie Comics line for the 21st century continues unabated!

Following their successful revamps of Archie and Jughead it was inevitable that the girls would return in their own book and here is the first issue where Betty and Veronica continue their love/hate relationship over their mutual feelings for the perennial teenage Archie.

Written and drawn by the hugely talented Adam Hughes this new version of Betty & Veronica will be a big hit. Launching with no less than 25 alternative covers will no doubt be a big sales boost for the title.

LOOK: "Betty & Veronica" #1 Gets 25 Astounding Covers from Archie Comics  LOOK: "Betty & Veronica" #1 Gets 25 Astounding Covers from Archie Comics

And all narrated by Jughead's pet, Hot Dog!

Betty & Veronica Adam Hughes

As if that wasn't enough for all you Archie fans, the residents of Riverdale will be on the small screen.

No video available on-line as yet but here's the poster for the new Riverdale TV series featuring Archie and the gang, coming soon to TV channel near you!

According to an advance review from

The pilot features Cheryl and Veronica going toe-to-toe in a battle of high school titans, and it’s fantastic. I hope the show does it every week.


  1. looks quite sassy...not my 'cup-of-t' though think it will be popular. must say 25 alt covers is a bit that a record?


  2. ARCHIE comics have been really innovative in the last few years. Their horror titles are some of the best in that genre around. Even although I really miss the legendary Dan DeCarlos Archie strips I will give this a chance.