Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Red Dagger #9 (DC Thomson/1980)

When I saw this comic in my local comic shop I just had to pick up a copy, partly because I'd never heard of it and also because these are complete stories reprinted from from one of the various boys comics put out by DC Thomson.

In this case, Terror in the Tall Tower originally appeared in Wizard (from issue 28) a comic I knew about but never picked up. It tells the story of "Young Dan Ballard, an Englishman" who had recently been "left one of the famous Manhattan skyscrapers by a distant unknown uncle". But nothings quite that simple.

From his arrival at New York's Kennedy Airport things start happening. Two thugs try kidnapping our young hero until he's rescued (conveniently) by a hippy looking character who later turns out to be an ex Green Beret. The adventure begins.

Local Mafia Bosses, a "haunted" building that no one wants to go near with hidden rooms and corridors. a "missing floor" along with a monster in the basement (the cover is a bit of a giveaway) and a mysterious "tenant" hidden in the shadows this is a great yarn from 1974.

Published at a slightly smaller size than the originals with a glossy cover, these are "graphic novels" before such things became vogue.

This comic also reprinted stories from Hotspur, Victor and the Hornet. I'd particularly like to pick up a copy of the complete V for Vengeance which surely inspired a certain tale by Alan Moore...


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