Monday, 18 July 2016

Doc Savage #1 (Marvel magazine/1975)

Straight out of the pulp era of the thirties comes...Doc Savage, the man of bronze. Unbelievably intelligent, strong and fast this was the man of the steel before Krypton exploded. In 1975 Doc got a feature film and of course the inevitable comic.

Our feature opens with a brooding cloud raining lightning down on skyscraper in New York which collapses with only the designer and his sister inside but escaping. Off Angelica Tremaine goes to find help in the form of Doc Savage and his crew.

The reader is introduced to the supporting cast of Monk, Ham, Renny, Long Tom and Johnny all experts in their own right who join with Doc to find the missing Tremaine and solve the mystery of the collapsing buildings.

All done in a Marvel style!

Gyrocopters, Zeppelins, submarines, hidden Islands. This story's got the lot plus the inevitable mad scientist, What's not to like!

Sadly this magazine lasted just 8 issues, but the film, well call it a cult movie, is entertaining enough for a rainy afternoon but long forgotten.

Ron Ely stars as Doc Savage!

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