Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Marvel Preview #13 (Marvel magazine/1978)

The idea that aliens have been visiting Earth since antiquity and interfering with humanity is not a new idea in science fiction, let alone amongst the many UFO conspiracy theorists out there. I recall reading Eric Von Daniken's Chariot of the Gods whilst I was still at school and got thrown out of religious studies class for quoting his theory that the Archangel Gabriel artificially inseminated Mary.

Been an atheist ever since...

Chariots Of The Gods.jpg

But the fact that so much of what went on in the Ancient World seems inexplicable, even by modern scientists provides much potential for writers in the sci-fi genre.

Jack Kirby gave us the Celestials in his short-lived but influential Eternals series. A more "down to earth" and frightening story from David Anthony Craft is presented in this "done in one" feature from Marvel Preview, one of those black & white magazines from the seventies.

Researching the potential of obtaining energy from a pyramid construct a scientist suddenly finds himself and his young daughter on the run from aliens. The long and the short of the story is that these beings feed off of human psychic energy in order to survive. They kidnap and use human beings like cattle.

photo: By Ricardo Liberato

This advanced race have been using us "primitives" since the days of the pyramids which collect our physic energy for their use. However in order to continue to do this their activities must remain forever secret.

This story does not end well and has a tragic conclusion.

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