Saturday, 2 July 2016

Excalibur; Weird War III (GN) (Marvel/1990)

This magazine sized graphic novel is indeed a quite "weird" and is a frankly disturbing tale set on two worlds crossing over into each other. Ours and one ruled by Nazi's.

This different Earth not only has Hitler alive, though not too well as he's in a wheelchair but also introduces us to a rather unpleasant version of Charles Xavier who has created the Lightning Squad to serve the Fuhrer.

Here a very different kind of Holocaust is taking place as the Nazi machine strips the physic souls of the living in it's death camps for use in their quest to make the "X-Man".

The Red Skull is building a "Nullotron" to protect his regime from uprisings such as that led by Magneto in the past.

Now Excalibur enter the Fray. Captain Britain, Meggan, Kitty, Nightcrawler and Phoenix.  The future of two worlds depend on what they do next.

Although I have not read them, this Nazi world had previously appeared in Excalibur #10, The Cross-Time Caper. 

Worth picking up if you see a copy on sale.

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