Saturday, 31 December 2016

Brother Power The Geek #1 (DC/1968)

Brother Power: The Geek (DC/1968)

Joe Simon (w) & (a)

During the sixties various comic companies produced some frankly quite weird titles and it was often joked that the writers of Archie's Mighty Comics line were "high" when they wrote their scripts for The Fly, Mighty Crusaders and other titles. Well they were more than just a wee bit camp.

One of the strangest comics to suddenly appear was Brother Power: The Geek published by DC Comics. This told the tale of a mannequin rescued by hippies living in a commune which when left next to a radiator to dry out, get warm and then struck by lightening came to life.

His adventures in taking on biker gangs and crooked circus owners were bizarre to say the least.  The hippy language used in the script can be more than grating. I was far too young when this was published to be part of the "flower power" movement and frankly I am thankful for that.

This comic only lasted two issues before the plug was pulled and rumour has it that part of DC's management didn't approve because of the potential to become involved in the Hippies well known drug culture. Oh well.

A distracting two issue series for a rainy night if nothing else. I've had these two issues for a couple of years or so and have only just got around to reading them.

Brother Power does return in Brave & the Bold. I'll have to dig that up another day, but that's enough for now.

Now where's my copy of Fatman, the Human Flying Saucer....


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