Sunday, 18 December 2016

Konga #14 (Charlton/1963)

Konga #14 (Charlton Comics)

Steve Ditko (a)

Based on a film of the same name, Konga published by Charlton Comics ran for 23 issues between 1960 and 1965.  A story of a simple beast who (in the comics at least) just wants to make friends often ends up misunderstood because he breaks things so easily. No surprise given his size.

An obvious rip off of King Kong, Konga is also somewhat invulnerable making him a threat and in many of his adventures the obvious choice to save the world. I confess to not having seen the movie. Maybe they'll show it on one of the many TV channels we have these days. Hopefully on Freeview.

In this story The Master Plan, mankind is threatened by evil alien invaders known as the Jilakos who have come to conquer out world. Mans weapons fail but our giant ape seems able to destroy the aliens spaceships with his bare hands. Even the Jilakos realise the threat Konga poses and sends one of their kind, an unnamed underling with "issues" to befriend the beast.

However the present of alien fruit does not impress. Only the intervention of Sandra saves the world as the beast starts throwing the Jilakos into space.

A tale that would have appealed to children of a simpler age. And is entertaining enough for adults today. Did I say the art is by Steve Ditko?



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