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Superman Family #200 (DC/1980)

Superman Family #200 (DC)

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Superman was the first and to many including myself, the greatest of the superheroes. I've followed Clark (or Kal to give him his Kryptonian name more or less continuously since first picking up a copy of Superman in the sixties as a young boy. Of course the character has been revamped and tweaked a bit over the years but Superman remains intrinsically the hero we all want him to be.

One of the fun things DC used to do with Superman before Crisis on Infinite Earths changed the world of comics, was to write "imaginary  stories" (as if the others were actually real). We had the "Super Sons" of Clark & Bruce and for this very special issue of Superman Family we looked into a "possible future" of Superman.

Here Clark celebrates his wedding anniversary with Lois Lane and his daughter Laura who doesn't have any super-powers. There are a number of interconnecting adventures with Jimmy Olsen now editor of the Daily Planet. Kara has grown into Superwoman but the world is otherwise as you would expect it.

Published in DC's unique Dollar Comic format this was a joy to read so no spoliers since I encourage readers to pick up a copy if they find one. 10/10!

Of course today Clark and Lois are married but they are on a "different Earth" (or are they...) and they have a son. Jon. He has Superpowers and is soon to co-star in a team up book with Bruce Wayne's son Damian. Watch out for this comic in February. Order now!

Meanwhile here's a gallery of covers from Superman Family.


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