Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Savage Tales ft Conan the Barbarian #5 (Marvel Magazine/1974)

Before the Savage Sword of Conan came along our favourite barbarian shared his more "adult adventures with other Marvel characters in Savage Tales, This issue was to be his last before Conan got his own mag is a great read.

Conan leads the magazine with the short story The Secret of Skull River, written by Roy Thomas and drawn by Jim Starlin & Al Milgrom. In this adventure Conan comes across a village of mis-shapen people who need his help to rid them of the scourge of a mage and his evil employer who have polluted the local river from which the villagers obtain their water.

Next up is Brak the barbarian in Spell of the Dragon by John Jakes with art from Val Mayerick & Joe Sinnot. Brak seeks to defeat a dragon and enlists the help of a local witch, but can she be trusted. Nah.

Finally returning to the modern world we are treated to a tale of Ka-Zar in a tale by Stan Lee with art by John Buscema, a winning combination if there ever was one! Ka-Zar seeks to find what happened to the local men of the village and encounters The Legend of the Lizard men.

Ka-Zar went on to be the main feature of Savage Tales for the rest of it's 11 issue run.

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