Saturday, 17 December 2016

Red Sonja #0 (Dynamite)

Red Sonja #0  (Dynamite)

Amy Chu (w) Carlos Gomez (a)

Red Sonja's back, and she's pissed! There's a monster between her and a "flagon of ale" and nothing keeps her from that. Except a certain villainous mage called Kulan Gath. And he tells her the game has just begun.

Next thin Sonja wakes up with a head like "a stygian hangover" and here's a noise . Is this another monster for her to fight? No she's woken up in a tunnel in modern day New York and sees men drilling and an underground train.

Obviously the police do not take too well to a scantily clad woman waving a big sword around and she's ordered to drop her weapon.....

And so begins the new adventures of Sonja in this bargain priced introductory issue. Grab a copy now and order the on-going series starting in January.

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