Monday, 26 December 2016

House of Secrets #140 ft The Patchwork Man (DC/1976)

House of Secrets #140 (DC)

Gerry Conway (w) Nestor Redondo (a)

This issue was intended to be the opening of a new direction for House of Secrets as it contained a full length feature The Patchwork Man which would continue in 10 page adventures along with back up tales introduced by Abel, the "caretaker". The character first appeared in Swamp Thing #2 & #3 some years back and DC obviously thought it was time to give this obvious Frankenstein clone his own series.

They even changed the title of the letters page in anticipation of the on-going tales of the Patchwork Man.

Alas this was not to be.

Despite a strong start retelling the origin story in which Gregori Arcane was transformed by his brother following an accident from a normal man into the monstrosity that allowed him to live, albeit with a dim memory of his past. A lumbering & frightening monster who as we see in the opening pages scares the living daylights out of young ladies in a department store in which he is hiding.

This is quite a good story with excellent art but unfinished as the next issue saw House of Secrets revert to being an anthology.

A lost opportunity. After all he's the father of Abigail, the love of Swamp Thing...


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