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Comichaus #1 (New Wave Comics)

Comichaus #1 (New Wave Comics)

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When I saw this in the British section of Previews I thought it was worth giving the comic a try and I have to say it was worth it. Published in a "prestige format" this may seem a little pricey but the comic is from a small independent British publisher so I have no idea of the circulation of this title and the creators involved do need to make a living so don't let that put you off.

Besides the cover by Glenn Fabry is worth the entrance fee alone!

There are six stories (five are continuing features), kicking off with Karyn Shade by James McCulloch with art by Jessica Byrne which shows promise as a woman with a car broken down in the middle of nowhere has to head off to the nearest house. You just know she shouldn't go there. It is as we the reader learns the home of a bloodthirsty child sacrificing cult....

Next up is Feather by Dave Cook & Norrie-Millar which tells  the story of an incurable Bird Flu hitting the world. There's more to this than meets the eye.

Suited & Booted is next up with a tale of mankind's rise and fall at the hands of an alien race with whom no communication ever takes place. Then as suddenly as they arrive the invaders go. Revenge by one survivor is on the agenda.

The Troubleshooters by Aaron Walther and Edwin Bickford is the fourth tale and is set in a post apocalyptic landscape. The art in this one is a bit too sketchy for my tastes.

Mortality is the last of the five on-going stories and all the characters are dead. What happens next remains to be seen. Written and drawn by Luke Cooper.

The final tale Mum and Dad is a disturbing little story of a baby and his parents. No spoilers.

A good first issue and I've already ordered the next two via Previews. For those of you who can't wait there are already four issues in print which explains why the cover date of #1 is September.

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