Sunday, 3 March 2019

Smash! Pow! Fantastic Summer Special

The holy grail of Power Comics, my favourite line of British comics ever was this the one and only summer special they ever published. Always wanted a copy ever since I discovered it's existence. Finally got one!

This was published towards the end of the line as all 5 of the titles disappeared into one. Smash! and Pow! incorporating Fantastic.

Although both Alan Class and Miller had reprinted Marvel stories randomly in their comics it was Odhams line of Power Comics which tried to copy Stan lee's style that really introduced Marvel to kids in the UK. The Fantastic Four in Wham!, the Hulk in Smash! and Spidey in Pow!

Then came Fantastic and Terrific two weekly all-superhero titles that reprinted the X-Men, Thor Iron Man, Dr Strange and more.

Sadly someone discovered that Odhams comics line (which included the famous Eagle) was not profitable and losing money for the company. The line was reduced quite quicly until there was on Power Comic, Smash! left and The Eagle. These were sold off. Smash! was transformed into a boys adventure comic and The Eagle merged with the Lion.

The new publishers dropped the Marvel stuff which would reappear in TV21 until Marvel UK was born.

In the meantime if you can get a copy this special features three key Marvel stories and is well worth a read Spider-Man meets Doc Strange, Thor meets Hercules and Daredevils origin is retold.

There's also The Swots and The Blots plus other comic features to amuse in-between. Quite a read this comic is!


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