Monday, 11 May 2015

Archie/Dark Circle: The Fox #2

The Fox (Archie/Dark Circle Comics)

Dean Haspiel & Mark Waid (w) Dean Haspiel (a)

The second issue of The Fox hit stands this week and what a joy to read it was. Talk about our poor hero attracting the weird.

An ordinary bank robbery turns out to be a trap and The Fox faces Brontosaurus, and no he doesn't look anything like one.

The second shock?

His son turns into a superhero.. The Ghost Fox. Talk about keeping it in the family! Dads not happy though...

Then the Mad Gadgeteer attacks after rescuing his prey from a giant who goes by the name of The Insidious Elasto.

The nearest title that I can compare this to is Invincible. The humour, the violence and story telling would make a good inter-company team up opportunity at a later date. After all they teamed up Invincible with The Tick so why not!

I can't recommend this title enough.

Here's a sneak peak!

The other Dark Circle title currently in the shops id the Black Hood #3. Very gritty and grim in comparison.


Coming soon The Shield and a house ad for The Hangman has now appeared.

Now all we need is The Fly...... and don't forget Fly Girl (or woman since since this is the modern age!)

Archie and their Dark Circle imprint are worth keeping an eye out for.

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