Saturday, 16 May 2015

Marvel Black & White: Monsters Unleashed #1 (1973)

Monsters Unleashed (Marvel Comics)

Writers & Artists (various)

The first issue of Marvel Comics second attempt to compete with Warren in the Black & White magazine more "adult" orientated market.  Like its longer established rival this edition contained a number of stand alone horror stories which like all anthologies vary in quality.

Kicking off with The Man Who Cried Werewolf a story about love, betrayal and revenge the scene is set for the appearance of all the usual monsters. A Vampire Tale set in a court room, Zombies in One Foot in the Grave and a woman whose beauty is somewhat fake.

Robert E Howard's Puritan adventurer Soloman Kane appears in Skulls in the Stars and there's a science fiction story World of the Warlocks to round off the issue.

In future issues much of the content is taken up featuring the line of Marvel line of supernatural characters such as the Man-Thing, Frankenstein and even the Wendigo.

Monsters Unleashed lasted 11 issues plus one annual. Worth tracking down.


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