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Marvel Flashback: Giant Size Avengers #1 (1974)

Giant Size Avengers #1 (Marvel Comics)

Roy Thomas (w) Rich Buckler (a)

Back in the seventies Marvel Comics decided to launch a number of "Giant Size" comic books which contained a lengthy new story plus a few reprints at the back. This edition was the first of five that eventually appeared on the stands.

These were hard to find in the UK at the time and according to my local comic shop either were not distributed or had limited distribution which was a pity. However if this ones anything to go by, they are well worth picking up.

The story Nuklo..The Invader That Time Forgot sees the Whizzer (a super speedster from the 1940's "All Winners Squad") make a re-appearance as he hunts for the time capsule that has just been dug up and delivered to the Avengers mansion.

The inevitable misunderstanding and an unnecessary fight breaks out.

Then Nuklo appears.

This issue has a number of revelations including the parentage of The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Wanda and Pietro are the children of The Whizzer and Miss America (a superhero from the forties, not a beauty queen) who were left in the care of the High Evolutionary after their birth.

As for Nuklo? Turns out he's their brother.

Not sure what happened to him in Marvel Lore, but there you have it for now.

Other features in this issue include a 1940's Human Torch story, which is absurd to the extreme. The Torch manages to fly to Jupiter in a matter of hours (don't ask) plus a Wasp solo adventure from the sixties.

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